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soybeans oil press

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Deacidification of palm oil refining machine :This part adopt alkali refining method, that is use alkalis lLD (NaOH) to neutral the free fatty acid in oil, during this process it will produce soapstock , then separated from the oil by setting several hours. NAOH solution, not only neutral free fatty acid, also can act with other matters lLD protein, mucus, phospholipid, pigment. After settling, release the soapstock from the tank bottom. Adding hot water to rinse, remove off the leftover lye , soap and some unhydrated phospholipid in the oil. Finally pumping out soapstock from the tank bottom.

Deodorization and Dehydration of palm oil refining machine :Usually ,there are some odors in the crude oil , it affects the quality of the edible oil . About our refining process , we usually use the direct steam to take odors away in the vacuum condition . General speaking there is about 0.5% water in the alkali refined oil, in the deodorization pot, thetemperature is very high , it also can finish the dehydration section.

soybeans oil press

I. Avaliable raw seed of soybeans oil press

II. The whole processing line of soybeans oil press

1. Pretreatment Workshop

2. solvent extraction Workshop

3. Refining and Dewaxing Workshop

Section 1: Pretreatment Workshop of soybeans oil press

A. Flow Chart of soybeans oil press

Raw seeds→ magnetic selection →Rice Bran Separation→Softening&Tempering→

To Expansion→Drying&Cooling

B. Quaity Index of Crude Oil, rice bran oil as example


Quality index

Smell & Taste

Rice bran oil inherent original smell and taste,

no desirable odor

Moisture&Volatiles (%)


Insoluble Impurities (%)


Acid Value(KOH) (mg/g)


Peroxide Value(mmol/kg)


Residue Solvent(mg/kg)


C. Process Description of soybeans oil press

1) Magnetic Selection of soybeans oil press

CLDinder Magnetic Selector is mainly composed of the shell, rotary door, and magnetic core.

The magnetic core consists of shunt umbrella hat, magnetic ring and magnetic core cLDinder.

The materials will fall down from the upper flange mouth, homodisperse fall through a shunt

umbrella hat, during this process the mixing iron impurity will be quickly attracted by the magnetic ring, thus separated with the oil material. The CLDinder magnetic selector has the advantages

of running without electric power, saving energ, and ease-maintenance.

2) Softening of soybeans oil press

The Vertical Softening Pot consists of several layers of super posited pots each layer of the

pot structure of is basically the same. They all have the edge and bottom laminated sandwich,thesteam enters through the sandwiches to heat and soft the material. There has a vertical axis

through the center of each layer of the softening pot, and each layer of the pot has two paddle

stirring wings, which are fixed on the vertical axis, the paddle stirring wing stirs the materials.

And each layer of the pot has bed opening and each bed opening has an automatic flow

controlling gate, through controlling the blanking quantity reach the goal of controlling the heigLD of the material heigLD. Meanwhile, each layer of the sidewall of the pot body has the exhaust

pipe, the exhaust pipes are connected to the exhaust collector, thus to drain the evaporating

steam in the process of softening.

3) Extrusion/Puffing of soybeans oil press

The tempered rice bran will be extruded by the extruder in order to strengthen the extrusion

effect. The oil material will be extruded, kneaded, sheared, pressurized, and under the effected

of a series of wetted the gushed steam and friction functions, the oil material's cell has been

completely destoried, the oil will be fully exposed. At the end of the extrusion screw, the

material pressure and temperature is very high, the high pressure and temperature material get

out of the hydraulic die head will expand and the moisture of the material will evaporate quickly for the sudden release of the pressure, then we can get the loose, porous and high strength extrusion materials.

4) Cooling of soybeans oil press

The extruded material will go into the plate dryer, through the adjustment of the plate dryer, the material can reach the LD moisture and the optimum temperature to extraction.

Section 2: solvent extraction Workshop of soybeans oil press

A. Solvent of soybeans oil press

Evaporation and Steam Stripping → Rice Bran →Oil extraction→ Mixed oil → processing→Crude oil → Solvent collection←Wet cake desolventizing→Finished cake

B. Process Description of soybeans oil press

1) solvent extraction Procedure of soybeans oil press

2) De-solventizing Process Procedure of soybeans oil press

3) Evaporation Section of soybeans oil press

4) Solvent Condensation&Water Distribution Section of soybeans oil press

5) Tail Gas Absorption Section of soybeans oil press

Section 3: Crude Oil Refining and Dewaxing Workshop of soybeans oil press

A. Oil refinning Flow Chart of soybeans oil press

B. Process Description of soybeans oil press

1) Hydration Degumming, Alkali Refining TechnoloLD of soybeans oil press

2) Decoloration TechnoloLD of soybeans oil press

3) Deodorization of soybeans oil press

4) De-waxing of soybeans oil press

Main Projects Scope:

♦ 30-5000T/D oilseeds pretreatment, extraction project.
♦ 10-500T/D crude oil refining, fractionation project.
♦ Oilseeds protein, phospholipid project.
♦ Natural pigment extraction project.
♦ Grain deep processing project.

Typical Project:
♦ 30-1000T/D rice bran pretreatment, expanding, extraction project.
♦ 30-600T/D rice bran oil refining project.
♦ 150-1000T/D cottonseed dephenolizing protein.
♦ 10-1000T/D palm fruit oil pressing project.
♦ 10-500T/D Non acid method biodiesel production project.
♦ 10-2000T/D corn deep processing project.


♦ More than 60 years manufacture histories.

♦ Largest oil machine manufacturer in China.

♦ 100,000 m² of factory total area and 180 senior engineering technicians.
♦ 23 National patents.
♦ 87 million yuan fixed assets.

♦ 150 million annual sales turnover.







1. Q: Which kind of materials can be processed?

A: All kinds of oil seeds. For example, rice bran, corn germ, cottonseeds, peanut, sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, etc.

2. Q: What's the capacity?

A: 30-5000 tons per day. Of course, we can manufacture as customized order.

3. Q: How long is the warranty?

A: After installing qualified, we guarantee the main parts nature time 1 year.

4. Q: Can you install the machine in local place?

A: Yes! We are a collection of r &d, design, manufacture, installation and training! We can make turnkey project.

5. Q: How to contact with you?

A: Kindly check the below picture.

If you want to know more information about our project, Please Leave Messenge on below form and click " send" below . I will reply to you . thanks!

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